What is NetSquared?
Why be a Community Organizer?

Organizing a Local Group

Quickstart one-pager
  1. Planning

    1. Set-Up - How do I start a new group?
    2. Co-Organizers - How do I share the tasks associated with planning events?
    3. Locations and Venues - Where should we host our events?
    4. Sponsorship - How do we fund our group's activities?
    5. Audience - Who is the audience for our events?

  2. Hosting Monthly Events

    1. Formats & Topics - What should we talk about? How should we talk about it?
    2. Speakers - How do I find and support speakers/facilitators for our events?
    3. Running an Event - What happens at the event? What's the timeline of events?
    4. Documenting Events - How can create a record of our event to share with our community?
    5. Livestreaming Events - How can we share our event with a larger audience using the internet?
    6. Follow up - What happens after the event ends? How do I promote what happened at the event?

  3. Growing Your Community

    1. Audience - Who is the audience for our events?
    2. Email Messaging - How can we grow interest using email?
    3. Using Online Tools - How can we grow attendance and community using websites and social media?
    4. Slides and 1-pagers - Where can we find slide templates to introduce our events or welcome people to NetSquared?
    5. Logos and badges - Copies of the NetSquared logo and other images
    6. Collaborations and Partnerships - How can we collaborate with another organization on an event or series of events?
    7. Media and Press Release
    8. Partner Sharing Kits