How to run a social media surgery

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Social media surgeries are informal drop-in sessions where anyone from the voluntary and community sector can come and pick the brains of our 'surgeons' (helpful volunteers who understand the world of Twitter, Facebook and the rest).

A Social Media Surgery Recipe from Steven Flower

  • a free room where there is wifi and you can buy or blag a drink (cafe is perfect)
  • a surgery manager – the person who’s happy to choose a time and date and check with the people at the venue that it’s ok with them. On the day they welcome people, introduce them and just make sure people are ok.
  • at least one surgeon (can overlap with manager in the weeny ones) and hopefully at least one person from a local community and voluntary group who wants some help
  • zero expectations – high hopes can kill enthusiasm. Expect nothing and be delighted by what does happen. (The Zen of Social Media Surgery)

Surgeries are regular, simple, "stress-free" meetups that NetSquared organizers can use to supplement less frequent events that take more resources to organise...

Social Media Surgery Guide

These resources will held you successfully plan your first social media surgery

Video produced by the BBC about Social Media Surgeries

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A huge thanks to Manchester's Steven Flower for introducing Social Media Surgeries to NetSquared and Podnosh and team for inventing the format and sharing it with the world!