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NetSquared Participant Survey FY17 Testimonials

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NetSquared helps me better understand tech options that may be of help to clients.
Suzanne Bader, Mosaic Consulting

It's good to hear from people in same field at different organizations about how they are engaging in the current digital world.
Ronnie Whiteside, Ceartas

NetSquared helps me avoid feeling isolated. It is very important to hear peer organization's experiences with tech challenges and solutions.
Rick Birmingham, Community Involvement Programs

I learned some smart front end design tactics can help boost fundraising for our nonprofit.
Peter Nicewicz

NetSquared allows us to keep up with new technology and apply it to our specific situation.
Martin Cohn, Naples Music Club

NetSquared has given me the chance to learn about new products and services that have helped my business grow. I have met some very wonderful potential partners and had a chance to volunteer my skills/expertise as a Social Media Surgeon to help others attending the meetups. I truly love the meetups and greatly appreciate the value provided and the helpful tips/support the group provides.
Lori Elder, PR4Good and Youth4Good

Networking at NetSquared introduced me to the person who was instrumental in hiring me to my current job!
J.B. Raasch, City of New Orleans

NetSquared helped us learn about more affordable software that has improved the quality of technology in our office.
Irina Pelc, WRASAC

Going to a Netsquared meeting and chatting about mapping led me to a new client and a great project .
David Wilocox, Mdcdiablends

NetSquared offers me a face-to-face space where I can connect with like-minded peers, help build my skills and creates a community where I can turn to for support on a variety of projects. I feel less alone and more connected because of NetSquared events.
Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society

I learned new technology skills to make my job faster and easier!
Catherine Latimer, Teddy Bears for the Troops, Inc

NetSquared creates a connection with dozens of other people and organizations struggling to provide best practices to my NGO community. It is the only professional organization that exists to transfer knowledge, rather than sell product.
Bruce Roxburgh , GreenIT TechTogether

We learned about effective landing page design, and are currently implementing some of the recommendations on our own webpage.
Andrew Paul, CLT Associates

We've applied the skills learned the A/B testing and Google AdWords events. Super helpful!
Allison Jones, Ecojustice

Thanks to my local NetSquared group we're now using the Google AdWords grant and Microsoft's Office 365 donation. NetSquared helped me find these resources and feel confident to implement these tools .
Alitia Kerr, Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology (CFMIT)

The events are so good. And they're free!
Tanya Hutchins, Machinists Union

NetSquared gives me access to knowledgeable individuals and resources. I feel as though I could contact the group with any question and they would find me an answer.
Suzanne Bader, Mosaic Consulting

NetSquared give me the opportunity to master technology at my own pace
M J Scarpelli, Senior Friendship Health Center

There is nothing else like it! NetSquared's speakers and topics are very timely and insightful. The connections you make at the events are invaluable.
Lori Elder, PR4Good and Youth4Good

I love how NetSquared gives me the opportunity to meet with like-minded local professionals and to hear from experts on tech topics of interest.
Laura McPherson, Stirling Carers Centre

NetSquared is technology talk made easy and understandable to everyone. Meetings offer both information and networking with other nonprofits working with technology.
Irina Pelc, WRASAC

The people are friendly and helpful and nobody treats me like I'm a rookie. NetSquared's community inspires me to learn technology.
Catherine Latimer, Teddy Bears for the Troops, Inc

I love the collaborative culture of NetSquared and the focus on positive social outcomes.
Andrew Paul, CLT Associates

NetSquared Testimonials, November 2016 and Earlier

This was the most awesome and engaging event I've been to yet!! I am so very grateful to have met such talented, clever, compassionate and driven lady leaders! I am so glad to make new friends and see old friends again! Content...delicious! Chris Tuttle...AMAZING!! Thank you all for sharing your light! ^^
- Maria Silverhardt, NCtech4Good

This was a great event! Thank you for inspiring me - I left with some fantastic ideas to put into place for developing my organization!
- Cindy Collado, Net2 Chicago

"Thanks to Amanda for hosting and the speakers. Great content, well presented. I was able to apply what I learned immediately. It was very useful. Cheers."
- Susan McCormack, NetSquared Burlington

"Excellent workshop! I've been to a lot of workshops over the years but this one rates as one of the best. It was well-planned, had great tips that I can use immediately and all presenters were experienced and helpful. Thanks for such a great workshop!"
- Connie Simon, Orlando Tech4Good

"The meeting was very informative. Vanessa was amazing! She introduced many different ways to make social media work for you organization. She spoke about how to cross- reference you social media outlets to gain attention from a variety of followers. I look forward to using the tools and free apps Vanessa spoke about."
- AC Carter, Las Vegas Tech4Good

“My organisation has a higher profile and our charity has recruited a new trustee as a direct result of setting up a Facebook page following training from NetSquared.”
-Julia Hammond, NetSquared Cambridge
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“NetSquared has helped me connect with my local technology and nonprofit communities and develop relationships that have turned into opportunities for collaborative fundraising and programming over the years.”
-Grace Rodriguez, NetSquared Houston
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“I’ve learned tips and tricks about social media marketing and fundraising resulting in more money raised on a giving day.”
-Anonymous, NetSquared Twin Cities
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“Through NetSquared Kenya I have developed my leadership and IT skills.”
-Chrispine Ochieng Okumu, NetSquared Kenya
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“TechSoup should be on every librarian’s radar. As a librarian that teaches aspiring and new librarians about online reference and information services, I make it an instructional requirement to highlight TechSoup.”
-Paul Chasen, NetSquared Baltimore
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“My participation in NetSquared events helped me make connections with others who were experts in a field I knew nothing about. Every one has been very supportive since we’re all in the same field.”
-Anonymous, NCtech4Good
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“NetSquared has helped me learn to make effective IT decisions”
-Satheesh Kumar S, NetSquared Chennai
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“Technology is constantly changing so it is valuable to have those who are willing share and educate as we go through the wild world of the web together.”
-Barrie Conley, NetSquared Naples
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“I learned how to create and write a blog for use as a fundraising tool for my nonprofit”
-Catherine Nabwami, NetSquared Uganda
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

"I have made a number of amazing personal and professional relationships thanks to NetSquared, learned a great deal from fellow members, and feel like a part of the evergrowing tech movement in my town.
-Adele Tiblier, NetSquared New Orleans
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“I am continually amazed by the people I meet and their passion for the nonprofit sector. These people are colleagues, but we have grown to be close friends. My work is forever changed because I have a strong network of people that I can count on to help when needed. I am able to better interact with clients when I learn more about the technologies available to them.”
-Paula Jones, NCtech4Good
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

"I have been inspired by the NetSquared speakers and events that I have attended. The high level of talent and skill present at these meetings really motivates me professionally."
-John Connors, NetSquared Burlington
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“Being part of this community has brought me professional opportunities, enhanced my skill sets, and best yet, brought me good friends.”
-Trish Perkins, NCtech4Good
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15

“Attending a NetSquared event clued me in to better video production for my nonprofit. We were apply to apply the information we learned into making an educational video for our target audience of students”
From NetSquared Participant Survey FY15


Mehru on Net2 Istanbul on the spread of Social Media Surgery
2014-09-30 via email
I want to ask about "social media surgery". I was working with TACSO( last almost 4 years. We made social media surgery with net2ist team at tacso istanbul. After I left the TACSO, they worked on social media surgery with NGO's in Balkan Countries. Now they are working on regional communication conference for ngos in skopje and they will make social media surgery. Is that ok for us? I'm not sure social media surgery is our model? or public?

David Wilcox
Excellent balance of inspiring presentation, discussion and networking

Daniel Dubois, Director at The Collaborative Project and
NetSquared Vancouver, September 2013
"I've been super busy starting my social website for community sharing but the last few months is been a pretty amazing journey. From attending a Net Tuesday event I connected with someone from Car Surfing which started the conversation that had me end up meeting with companies like Google and Facebook in San Francisco the same time as the "finding your story" event. I was also just confirmed to speak at We Day Vancouver on October 18. That one simple Net Tuesday night has done a lot for me!"

Leslie, Baltimore
Hasdai was great; he cut to the chase and provided info that I specifically needed (I have a long career in Business Development & Marketing to Gov't & Execs in the for-profit sector; I needed info on social media devices for reaching big donors as well as "younger" targets for nonprofit work).

Jack Jardine, Net2van 2014-09-08
Because I was a newcomer to Vancouver a key funder recommended I attend Net2 events. Consequently, about a third of my skilled volunteer and paid staff have been found at Net 2. I have been able to inform myself and Smart Change in CASL, digital engagement, and modern community building.

One of the most amazing things about Net2 is the deep and broad matrix of relationships. It is frequent for professionals from diverse fields to have met, and collaborated through Net2.

Because of the value of Net2, I have committed Smart Change to be the still photograph resource for the next 6 months.
Thanks for your efforts, and thanks to the companies and organizations who sponsor you.

Testimonials: Tech4Good Surrey Fundraising 101

  • I found Melanie’s presentation extremely helpful and she is an excellent speaker. I have attended other fundraising workshops in the past, but I found Melanie’s to be the most informative. She broke down the concepts into easy-to-manage pieces that made fundraising less intimidating. I would definitely recommend her to others in the non-profit field that are looking to learn more about fundraising.
Michelle Meacher

Executive Director, Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities
  • I really enjoyed the workshop, connecting with other professionals in the fundraising sector provides an amazing opportunity to share resources and collect information about all of the wonderful work taking place in our community. The speaker was fantastic, thank you tech4good!
Chloe Good

Adoptive Families Association of BC
  • Melanie Crombie’s presentation on Fall Fundraising was very engaging. She went through all the necessary steps to plan an end-of-year fundraising campaign and I am taking many tips back to work, especially on writing successful campaign letters the idea of an “audio logo”. This was the first Meet Up I’ve attended and I would definitely go to future Tech4Good events. They are a great way to connect with other people in the non-profit community.
Carissa Ropponen

Women Against Violence Against Women-WAVAW

Nicole Newman
I can always count on Netsquared to teach me something new

Christopher Berrios
It was my First time attending, informative was an understatement! Thanks to all who presented and attended!

Net squared is a great meetup. You can learn from experts in various tech fields, meet people, and find help with whatever project your working on, all in two comfortable hours with good snacks.

Richard Arnett
Best meetup in Houston!

I always learn something -- usually, many things -- at these meetings. Anyone working for or volunteering with a non-profit organization would benefit from attending.

NET2NO comments

Great mix of people, very friendly and welcoming environment!

Great people and atmosphere. Lots of ideas and collaboration. I will most certainly be back.

Jenny Gellatly at Net2Camb
Thank you for providing me one to one training. I learned a lot in 30 minutes and feel more confident in using Facebook. I would certainly recommend this training to other Parish Clerks.

Lachlan McKenzie from Net2 Welly
Great session - thanks for organising and to Emma at Plunket for the Twitter tips

Roger Tweedy
great session - novel idea and fun

Eileen McAtee
Fab event and thanks to Phil from Forest and Bird for all the social media tips